ETC power. European Technocology Company Ltd.
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Ahrensburg, Germany, since 1986
President: Mr. F. Ranjbaryan

Batteries and mechanical accessories, power supply, raw material for chemistry, ceramic, and glass industry

References: Degussa, Exide, Ferro
Staff: 35
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Warsaw, Poland, since 1976
President: Mr. K. Socha

DC and AC telecom power supply systems, battery chargers and diagnostic tools, and computer remote supervisory systems

References: Alcatel-Lucent, ABB, France Telecom, NSN Nokia Siemens Networks, NEC
Staff: 85
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ETC Plus SA; Poland (Ostrowiec)

Uninterruptible power supply systems for energetics and industry, industrial batteries for telecommunication,
energetics, industry, transport and building automation GNB Industrial Power. Design, production, trade, logistics and service.
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ETC Green Power; UAE (Dubai)

Technical and commercial agency. Industrial batteries, guaranteed power supply systems,
Ferro ceramic chemistry. Technical and commercial representation of ETC Group companies on the Middle East and Africa markets.
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Lamprecht, Germany, since 1991
General Manager: Mr. S. M. Kassem

Accoustics, sound absorption for automotive, construction, construction equipment, isolation material for cooling and heat protection

References: Mercedes-Benz, Opel, Siemens, Liebherr
Staff: 50
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Lorentz GmbH & Co. KG

Hamburg, Germany, since 1993
General Manager: Mr. B. Lorentz

Remote solar water pumps, solar-tracked power plants in MW sizes, gas well de-watering systems, DC- and AC-operated fuel pumps, tracking systems for solar modules for off- and on-grid power supply, solar water heating, and windpower. Specialized in remote power solutions, system design and strong after sales service.

References: Conergy AG, Solarfabrik Freiburg, Shell Solar, Solarworld, direct sales to more than 100 countries
Staff: 90
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