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PI1 control system

Site Supervision Controller is a universal controller for monitoring the status, data acquisition, control of devices and visualisation of statuses.

Universal PI1 Site Supervision Controller is made of numerous equivalent modules connected with internal CAN bus. Set of modules is dependent on anticipated configuration of the monitoring system. Adding new functions of the controller is done by adding additional functional modules. Connection of additional modules may be done in Plug&Play mode. Using PI1 enables functional scalability, what enables cost scalability in turn. Distributed construction of the controller improves the possibilities and reduces costs of monitoring of big locations.

Typical applications of Pi1 are systems of control and alarm signalisation in such branches as:

  • telecommunication
  • power engineering
  • industry

Pi1 control unit

  • interfaces: CAN, RS-232, RS-485, I2C-(IIC)
  • mounting method: 19” 1U casing, wall-mounted casing, TS bus.
  • local management interfaces: RS-232; USB.
  • remote management: WinCN software, any SNMP Manager, WWW website

Download Technical Data(429 kB) Pi1 control unit

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