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ETC power

ETC power offers the sales, installation and commissioning of the standby battery systems (VRLA and NiCd). We deliver specialized racks, cabinets and battery accessories. Depending on the requirements and the role of the power systems, we offer various products of two global battery vendors: GNB/Exide and ETC-Power.


This product is made under ETC certification and has the following features and applications

  • Excellent discharge/recharge behavior
  • rugged and vibration-resistant
  • high life expectancy
  • easy installation


  • solar home systems (SHS)
  • solar village lighting
  • inverters
  • UPS
  • Emergency lightning
  • Telecom realis stations

Technology: lead acid
range: from 65-200Ah (C20)

Download Data Sheet (447 kB)


A global brand with a solid reputation and technical image among VRLA battery consumers. Brand longevity is a key feature of this product line which was first developed in 1957. It benefits from the positive quality image of German industry. Available in ranges from 5, 7, 12 and up to 18 years design life, Sonnenschein has produced more than 30 million batteries. Features are: experience, robustness, reliability. Sonnenschein stands for dryfit technology.

Technology: GEL
range: up to 3,500 Ah
remaining capacity (to 80% Cn): 7, 12, or 18 years, dependent on model
Download Data Sheet (5.7 MB)

For more technical information, see ETC group Website

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